Te Hono is a collaboration between traditional Maori artist Gordon Toi and jewellery label Zoemou.

Te Hono means to “unite” and in true Zoemou form, beautiful traditional Maori (New Zealand) designs produced by Toi have been celebrated to produce stunning and unique jewellery.

Artist Gordon Toi produces some of the best Ta Moko tattoos in the world. A style of tattooing that any tattoo fan can appreciate, the work of Toi is simply amazing! While many artists create Maori inspired designs, few have the meaning and pride that comes with the work of artist Gordon Toi.

Every GTOI X ZOEMOU piece holds significant meaning in its design and the wearer will hold this with pride.

Each GTOI X ZOEMOU jewellery piece has been handmade by both designer Zoe and a team of talented artisans who believe in fair trade.